What is your true biological age?

At-home epigenetic testing to uncover, understand and even control your body’s biological age.

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What impacts biological age?





Diet & Lifestyle


How old do you feel?

Environment, diet, stress, sleep and other factors don’t necessarily change our DNA. What they do is make the recipe book in our DNA harder to read, which can lead to replication errors.

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Understanding your TruAge

TruAge tests methylation epigenetic markers and uses a proprietary algorithm to assess how quickly our bodies are aging. This is expressed as a biological age; your TruAge

When your true biological age is lower than your chronological age, that’s good news. When it’s higher, it may be time to make some changes.

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Epigenetic testing at home

We deliver your TruAge epigenetic marker testing kit along with easy to follow directions to collect your sample.

1 Take a small blood sample

Once you have your kit, just register it on our online portal.

2 Send it back

Collect your blood sample with a small prick. All supplies and instructions are included.

3 Receive your results

Secure your sample in the prepaid envelope and mail it back to our lab.

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