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I need a prescription

Talk to a nurse practitioner who will qualify you for Dexcom CGM and we'll deliver it for free. This option is best for those with insurance.

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Can I purchase a Dexcom CGM without a prescription?

Absolutely. This is the best option for those without health coverage. You'll pay out of pocket for the device while still qualifying for our free, front-door delivery (Canada-wide).

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Features and benefits

Real-time glucose readings on your smartphone

With Dexcom G6, you can take control of your diabetes management.

Easy application

A small, wearable sensor and transmitter sends your glucose numbers to a smart device or receiver up to every 5 minutes.

Wear it where you like

Dexcom G6 can be worn in a variety of locations to fit your needs.

Real-time Updates

Get glucose readings right on your smart device* and fully customize alerts to help manage your diabetes in the moment.

Predictive Alert

The Urgent Low Soon can warn you up to 20 minutes before a serious low (<3.1mmol/L).

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Get a prescription–fast

Request a prescription for Dexcom CGM device from a licensed Mednow clinician.

Talk to a pharmacist

Speak to a Mednow pharmacist about coverage and understand all of your options.

Get help managing your device

Enroll in Mednow’s clinical diabetes program to better manage your new device and your care.

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