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Connect with a licensed Canadian clinician who can offer medical advice, diagnose and prescribe, online or on the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mednow Virtual Care is a simple, secure way to connect with a licensed Canadian clinician online or on the phone. Virtual Care clinicians can diagnose, prescribe and offer medical advice.

Yes. Assuming you’re in Ontario or British Columbia and not looking for emergency care.

The Mednow Virtual Care appointment booking tool will ask the reason for your visit. You may also be asked to complete a questionnaire before your visit.

For phone consultations: The caregiver will contact you from a private number at the time of your appointment.

For video consultations: You will receive a link to join a private, secure video conference with your caregiver before your appointment.

It may be necessary to confirm your identity for privacy and security. Please have your identification, including your provincial health card if applicable, handy.

Prescriptions can be sent electronically to any pharmacy. If you use Mednow Pharmacy, your prescriptions will be delivered free, often the same day. Mednow Virtual Care clinicians cannot and will not prescribe opioids or controlled medications.

There is no direct cost to patients.

Mednow Virtual Care consultations are covered by OHIP, UHIP, and IFH. At this time, virtual care consultations are provided at no cost to patients in VC and uninsured patients.

Yes. Mednow Virtual Care practitioners are fully licensed clinicians. As such they can diagnose, write prescriptions, provide supporting notes, refer, order lab work and so on.

Mednow Virtual Care is ideal for non-emergency care; anything you might otherwise see a family or walk-in doctor to address. Your Mednow Virtual Care clinician can discuss whether virtual treatment (telemedicine) is suitable in your case at your first appointment.

No. Virtual care or “telemedicine” is held to the same high standards as in-person care. As licensed Canadian practitioners, Mednow Virtual Care clinicians are required to follow-up on test results, keep your information private and maintain complete medical records.

Yes. Your Mednow Virtual Care appointment is secure, private and confidential, as are your medical records. To ensure your privacy, we ask that you connect from a private space, not in a public one like a coffee shop or mall.

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