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Our doctors treat patients with acute, episodic conditions (e.g. gastro, UTI, migraine, respiratory infections) that are unable to leave their home on weeknights, weekends and public holidays.

What some of our doctors have to say

"The format with payments in strict chronological order is much easier to reconcile… thank you"

Dr. W

"Thank you for sending me the RA as in the pdf, this is what I was
asking for, your help greatly is appreciated."

Dr. F

"Outstanding, almost instant response, very professional and clear .
Very happy with the new service there."

Dr. M

"The remuneration is outstanding and the call centre staff are superb.

I have been doing housecalls with Medvisit for over 30 years. I have also worked as an ER physician in walk in clinics, private practice and as an investigator for vaccine clinical trials.
House calls are easily the most enjoyable, most flexible, and least stressful way of practicing medicine for me.

It couldn’t be a better way to supplement, engage full time or wind down a career."

Dr. M

MedVisit’s proudly facilitated hundreds of thousands of house calls over 30 years.

We believe every minute of your time is valuable, and every encounter with a housebound, senior patient is more meaningful to them than we’ll ever know. 

We’ve designed our physician experience to be simple, smooth and so very worthwhile, and we hope you’ll let us show you just how helpful our team can be.

Please leave your contact information to learn more about how worthwhile housecall practice can be, and how we can help you help our community.  In a short 15 minute call, we’ll explain how calls work, how we work, our competitive overheads and fast payments so you can make an informed decision if house calls are right for you, and if we’re the group to partner with.

We don’t share your information with anyone, and we’ll be in touch within one business day.

Please note: This form is for Physicians only. Patients requesting a visit should NOT use this form, and should go HERE instead.