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All your pharmacy needs, delivered.

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What our customers are saying about us

  • Mercedes Killeen

    Wonderful service! The pharmacist went above and beyond to get my prescription changed when the original medication wasn’t covered by my insurance.

  • Karine Boudreau

    I cannot say enough about the service I have received from Mednow. They are beyond helpful, responsive and proactive. The home delivery is just the beginning of the impeccable service. I highly recommend!!!

  • Nagwa Abou El-Naga

    I strongly recommend and admire the seamless service they provided. My package was delivered to my home door in an elegant package with my medications prepared and organized for me to take on... read more

  • Abtin Mansoub

    great service. my mother and aunts love the pill smart program and they say the virtual pharmacist are the most caring yet!

  • Laura D. were very helpful and provided excellent service.

  • M N

    So happy I discovered this service! I was in the need of getting my prescription refilled but couldn’t coordinate with my local pharmacy. Had it sent to MedNow who coordinated with my doctor and delivered... read more

  • Murad Ali

    It is very helpful site which connects people with Dr,and pharmacy all together and then ship your medicine at your home.

  • Drew Blumenthal

    Great service and extremely easy to use. I loved talking to Mary and look forward to ordering again.

"An online pharmacy and virtual health provider looking to improve Canadian’s Health using technology and home delivery."

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Through our telemedicine partners, we have a network of virtual physicians able to treat a variety of health concerns through video consultation


PillSmart is a pharmacy service that pre-sorts your medications into convenient, easy-to-use packets labelled by date and time.


Karie is an automatic medication dispenser that organizes, schedules and delivers your medication with the touch of a button.