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  • Mercedes Killeen

    Wonderful service! The pharmacist went above and beyond to get my prescription changed when the original medication wasn’t covered by my insurance.

  • Karine Boudreau

    I cannot say enough about the service I have received from Mednow. They are beyond helpful, responsive and proactive. The home delivery is just the beginning of the impeccable service. I highly recommend!!!

  • Nagwa Abou El-Naga

    I strongly recommend and admire the seamless service they provided. My package was delivered to my home door in an elegant package with my medications prepared and organized for me to take on time. My kit contained the boxes as seen in the photo, where my medications were packed carefully in a series of little plastic pouches and labeled with the date and time of when I need to take each one. The box is perfect and allows me to pull only one pouch out at a time as needed. I am so glad that I will never forget to take my medication on time, which is an essential factor in keeping me healthy. Thanks

  • Abtin Mansoub

    great service. my mother and aunts love the pill smart program and they say the virtual pharmacist are the most caring yet!

  • Laura D. were very helpful and provided excellent service.

Get PillSmart™

Your medication and vitamins sorted in easy-to-use pouches delivered to your door along with any pharmacy products.


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Meet Karie

Karie is a home health appliance that organizes and delivers medication. It’s a personal healthcare companion, empowering users and improving health outcomes.