The Importance of Medication Adherence in Overall Health

The Importance of Medication Adherence in Overall Health

Canadians have vastly improved their health and quality of life thanks to modernmedical advancements and medications.

Canadians have vastly improved their health and quality of life thanks to modern
medical advancements and medications. However, for some Canadians taking their medications as prescribed can be a challenge.

The Canadian Pharmacists Association released a national survey on Canadian’s
medication adherence. This survey reported that 30% of Canadians stopped taking medications before they were advised to stop. The same survey found that
approximately one in four patients reported they either did not fill a prescription they were given, or they took less medication than prescribed.

At Mednow Pharmacy, we believe that medication adherence is critical to improving a patient's quality of life. Our focus is on empowering patients to take control of their health by providing them with the tools and resources they need to improve their medication adherence.

Mednow Pharmacy provides the following services to support medication adherence and improve health outcomes for their patients:
1. Prescription reminders: Our digital platform allows patients to set up prescription reminders via email, text, or phone notifications. These reminders ensure that patients take their medications on time and as prescribed.

2. Medication synchronization: We offer medication synchronization services to ensure that patients receive all of their medications at regular intervals. This
helps simplify the medication regimen and makes it easier for patients to
remember to take their medications.

3. Medication therapy management: Our pharmacists work with patients to develop a medication therapy management plan that meets their specific needs. This includes education on medications, monitoring for side effects, and coordination with healthcare providers. Mednow team members take the time to explain a patient’s condition, the benefits of the medication and the consequences of non-adherence in a way the patient will understand.

4. Specialized adherence packaging with Mednow PillSmart - The system that organizes your pills by dose in a easy-to-use pouch sorted by day and date.

Mednow Pharmacy is committed to helping patients improve their medication
adherence. Our digital platform, prescription reminders, medication synchronization, and medication therapy management services are designed to empower patients to take control of their health and achieve better outcomes. Remember, taking medication as prescribed is an essential step towards maintaining good health!

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