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Be prepared. SMHeartCard holds ASA and Nitroglycerin pills for immediate treatment of heart attack. Because minutes matter.
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Please accept the conditions below

  •  I have one or more heart attack risk factor (age>55, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, I was / I am a smoker, heart attacks in my family)
  •  I am not allergic to ASA / Aspirin
  •  I understand it’s not safe to take Nitroglycerin if I’ve taken Viagra or Cialis or any erectile dysfunction drugs in the last 48 hours
Free no-hassle returns

Heart health in your pocket. SMHeartCard holds life-saving ASA and Nitroglycerin pills, ready to treat heart attack or angina pain.

A scientifically validated, peer-reviewed, published and patented technology ensures your Nitroglycerin pills are stable for at least six months.

SMHeartCard is designed for three groups of patients: 1) patients with known coronary artery disease (have had a heart attack or angina), 2) people with risk factors for coronary artery disease, and 3) first aid / first responders who may need to treat someone having a heart attack.

SMHeartCard lets you carry two emergency cardiac medications with you at all time. Taking ASA and Nitroglycerin at the start of heart attack makes it less severe and can save your life. In Canada, 30% of people don't even survive long enough to get to hospital with their first heart attack.

Follow the instructions on the back of the SMHeartCard. Put the SMHeartCard on a flat surface. Take the four ASA pills and chew and swallow them. Take the the first NitroStat pill and put it under your tongue. Call 911. If the symptoms continue for another 5 minutes, take the second NitroStat pill. If the symptoms continue for another 5 minutes more, take the last NitroStat pill. Even if the symptoms go away see your medical doctor as soon as possible.

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