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Taking your medications as prescribed is vital. We help with simple, smart packaging, free delivery and refills before you run out.

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Medication review

We’ll review how and when to take your medications and any interactions to be aware of.

Automatic refills

Never run out of your medications or supplements with refills delivered right on time.

One easy app

Manage the whole family’s prescriptions, from kids to aging parents.

Meet PillSmart™

Simple, smart packaging to keep your medications on track at no extra cost.

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Refill your medication

Never miss a dose

Your medications are safely sorted into easy to open packs, each printed with the date and time so you never forget.

Never double-up

With PillSmart, it’s easy to see when you took your last dose; no more trying to think back to whether or not you took your meds today.

Manage all your meds

Anyone that regularly takes medications or supplements can benefit from PillSmart.

There is no extra cost and refills arrive before you run out.

Who PillSmart helps

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PillSmart packs are easy to open and are labelled with the date and time so you never forget.


Rest assured that the people you care for are taking their medications as prescribed.


PillSmart makes managing multiple medications and supplements easy for the whole family.


Karie™ smart companion

Karie is a smart companion that keeps your medications on time and on track with helpful reminders and automatic dispensing.

Karie gives caregivers and Mednow pharmacists the tools to make sure medication is never missed.

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Valet setup

We’ll set up your Karie with your medication schedule for you.

Free refill delivery

Free refill delivery

Karie refill cartridges arrive automatically, before you run out.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Get alerted to missed doses in the companion app.

Frequently Asked Questions

In prescription medication terms, adherence or compliance speaks to the importance of following your prescriber’s advice on how and when to take your medications.

Prescription delivery, including refills, is always free. Non-prescription pharmacy products are delivered free with your prescription or with an order total of $40 or more before taxes.

We take the time to review and discuss all your medications with you, including any possible interactions you need to be aware of. We discuss how to take your medications, how to save money on your meds and what lifestyle or other changes might help reduce your reliance on medication.

PillSmart sorts your medications and supplements in easy to use, hard to forget individual pouches. Each pouch is labelled with the date and time of the next dose, as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Karie is a smart medication companion that offers medication reminders and that dispenses your medications automatically at the press of a button. Our pharmacists will set up your Karrie with your personal medication schedule and schedule, exactly as prescribed by a healthcare provider. Your Karie medication refills are delivered automatically, before you run out. Our pharmacists are happy to discuss whether Karie is right for you.