RestoraLAX Powder Laxative

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RestoraLAX Powder Laxative

RestoraLAX® provides effective relief from occasional constipation by working with water to hydrate and soften stools, restoring your body's natural rhythm without causing bloating, cramps, gas or sudden urgency.
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Free no-hassle returns
Free no-hassle returns

No taste

Free of preservatives, sugar, and gluten

Gentle and effective relief

Does not cause certain side effects like gas, bloating, cramping

Convenient 17 g dose measuring cap

Polyethylene Glycol 3350 (PEG 3350)
Directions: The bottle top acts as a measuring cap. Fill the measuring cap to the top of the white section which is marked to indicate the correct dose (17 g). Adults: (> 18 years) take one dose (17 g) daily. Stir and dissolve in 8 ounces (250 mL) of any non-alcoholic beverage (cold, hot or room temperature) and then drink. Ensure that the powder is fully dissolved before drinking. Do not drink if there are any clumps. RestoraLAX® dissolves easily and completely in everyday beverages like water, juice, coffee, or tea. Do not take more than directed, unless advised by your doctor. The safety and efficacy of RestoraLAX® for use in children under 18 years of age have not been established. Children 18 years of age or under: ask a doctor. Do not use more than 7 days, unless recommended by a doctor.

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