What is Erectile dysfunction? How to get its medication online?

What is Erectile dysfunction? How to get its medication online?

Introduction The ultimate goal for any man with sexual dysfunction is a return to normal sex life. According to a cr


The ultimate goal for any man with sexual dysfunction is a return to normal sex life. According to a cross-sectional study, 49.4% of Canadian men above age 40 have erectile dysfunction, which means that erectile dysfunction (ED) affects an estimated 3 million Canadian men over 40. 

The release of sildenafil citrate (Viagra by Pfizer), the first successful erectile dysfunction medicine, in 1998 was a turning point. Since that day, other ED treatment options have been available in the market. PDE5 inhibitors and non-surgical treatments like vacuum devices, penile self-injection regimens with vasoactive medicines such as alprostadil, and penile prosthesis are now used to treat ED. We'll discuss causes, risks, and oral erectile dysfunction (ED) medications.

What is Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the major sexual arousal disorder in men. It is described as the inability to sustain a satisfactory penile erection for sexual stimulation on a consistent or recurrent basis that mainly affects men under 40. Except for traumas or medically caused erectile dysfunction, three months of these symptoms is required to establish a proper diagnosis for ED.

Doctor Consultations

There are many possible underlying causes for ED, and they include both emotional and physical reasons, such as:

  1. Depression
  2. Emotional issues
  3. Stress
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Kidney disease
  6. Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  7. Parkinson's disease
  8. Heart disease

Who is at risk?

Many men believe that sexual dysfunction is a natural consequence of becoming older. Tobacco usage, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and consuming too much alcohol are documented risk factors for erectile dysfunction. These risk factors have been reported to cause hormonal imbalances that lead to low testosterone levels, contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Side effects from certain medications may contribute up to 25% of all incidences of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is most commonly caused by antihypertensive, antidepressant, and antipsychotic medicines.

Diagnosis for Erectile dysfunction

Physical examinations, such as monitoring blood pressure and examining the testicles or penis, lab tests for erectile function, and sexual history can all be used to screen for ED. Primary care doctors may perform more tests to assess if your symptoms are caused by an underlying disorder, such as:

  1. Blood tests: To check for low levels of testosterone, heart disease, or diabetes
  2. Urine test: can check for diabetes or underlying health condition
  3. Ultrasound: can be used to examine the blood vessels of the penis to determine if there's a problem with penile blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction medications


Sildenafil citrate, also marketed as Viagra, is the first-line treatment medication for ED. The recommended initial dose is 50 mg, which may be reduced or adjusted depending on efficacy and tolerability.

ED medications

Doctors may recommend patients above 65 years old with severe hepatic cirrhosis or with significant renal impairment a starting dose of 25 mg.

If you have mild to severe erectile dysfunction, this ED treatment should be taken one hour before sexual intercourse and is effective for four to five hours or more.


Vardenafil (Levitra) is effective and well-tolerated in men with mild to severe erectile dysfunction (ED) and those with diabetes mellitus or erectile dysfunction post radical prostatectomy. During sexual stimulation, it works by increasing blood flow.

It should be taken one hour before sexual activity, with or without food, and you shouldn't take it more often than once every 24 hours.


Cialis is the brand name for Tadalafil, one of the ED drugs known in the market. Clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of the tadalafil tablet revealed that it significantly enhanced the possibility of men with sexual dysfunction to reach a successful erection firm. It is, however, less effective in diabetics.

The usual dosage is 20mg, and it is recommended to be taken one hour before sexual activity and is effective for up to 36 hours.

Other ED medications

  • Alprostadil injection
    Alprostadil is more commonly used as a first-line ED treatment in men with type I or type II diabetes than in non-diabetic men. It belongs to a class of drugs known as vasodilators, which increase blood flow by enlarging blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis. An erection may happen within 5 to 20 minutes of administering the injection. The erection can last between 30 and 60 minutes. Alprostadil injection should be administered no more than three times per week, with a minimum of 24 hours between doses.
    Bleeding or soreness at the injection site, as well as painful erections, are possible side effects.
  • Alprostadil (urethral route)
    Another treatment option for ED is the alprostadil urethral suppository. The effects begin to appear within 5–10 minutes. The effect lasts for roughly 30–60 minutes. A burning feeling in the urethra and soreness in the penis or urethra are possible side effects.
  • Testosterone therapy

If you have a low testosterone level in your blood, a dentist may prescribe testosterone therapy. Although testosterone therapy can improve ED symptoms, it's usually ineffective if the disease is caused by circulatory or nerve disorders. High red blood cell counts, urinating difficulties, and other severe side effects might develop when using testosterone.

Headaches, visual issues, stomach problems, congestion, and flushes are all possible adverse effects of ED oral medications. To avoid these side effects and ensure you’re using the proper ED medicine, a medication review is needed to ensure that the medication you're taking is helping you achieve the greatest potential health outcome and reduce undesirable side effects. You can learn more about the role and benefits of medication review here

What precautions should I take?

If you're using nitrate drugs for cardiovascular problems, you shouldn't use any ED tablets. Because nitrates both widen and relax blood vessels, the combination might induce a sudden and unexpected decrease in blood pressure, which can cause you to pass out or get dizzy, potentially resulting in serious injury.

men taking tablet


Similarly, seek medical advice if you're using alpha-blockers to manage prostate enlargement. This combination may cause low blood pressure. 

Is it safe to get ED pills online?

You can safely purchase ED medications online; however, Canadian legitimate online pharmacies must include:

  1. An online pharmacy is licensed by its provincial or territorial pharmacy regulatory authorities.
  2. A licensed online pharmacy has a licensed staff of pharmacists in their Canadian province or territory.
  3. Requires a valid prescription from a physician or other health practitioner registered to practice and prescribe in Canada.
  4. Provides a street address of the pharmacy location and telephone number in Canada.

You can learn more about purchasing safely online here.

Can I get ED drugs without a prescription?

Viagra, Cialis, and other ED medications are considered prescription drugs, not over-the-counter drugs. Even though several pharmacies advertise to provide Viagra or other ED pills, you should avoid such pharmacies since they are most likely advertising a counterfeit pill or herbal viagra.

Doctor prescribing medicines.


Where to get ED medication safely?

The best and safest way to purchase ED oral medication online is by consulting a doctor through Mednow

Our licensed virtual doctors treat erectile dysfunction by diagnosis, prescribe the safest and appropriate ED treatment, and supervise your treatment plan online or over the phone. The ED prescription drugs can be sent electronically to any pharmacy, or if you use Mednow pharmacy, your prescription will be delivered free on the same day to your door. 

When to see the doctor for further investigation

Recurrent ED can cause other issues beyond sexual performance. Those that suffer from ED can face depression, anxiety, or relationship issues. Also, talk to your doctor if you experience a painful erection because your penis is curved, a medical condition known as Peyronie's disease.

Even after everything else is checked, it could be an early warning sign of a severe health condition if you still have these issues. The penile artery can get narrower because of coronary artery disease or diabetes, and therefore you might need immediate medical attention.

This article offers general information only and is not intended as medical or other professional advice. A healthcare provider should be consulted regarding your specific situation. While the information presented is believed to be factual and current, its accuracy is not guaranteed and it should not be regarded as a complete analysis of the subjects discussed. All expressions of opinion reflect the judgement of the authors as of the date of publication and are subject to change. No endorsement of any third parties or their advice, opinions, information, products or services is expressly given or implied by Mednow or its affiliates.

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