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We are about people, not pills.

The pharmacists at took on a patient-first mentality to give patients access to:

A network of pharmacies across Canada
Free at-home delivery of medications and all pharmacy products
The PillSmart™ system organizes your medications by date and time
Access to telemedicine virtual care

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?
Think of as your pharmacy concierge. With a simple signup, you’ll access our network of pharmacies across Canada that will provide you with customized care unique to your needs.

Here’s how:

Chat with us or give us a call at 1-855-MEDNOW-1

How does obtain my prescription?
You can send your prescription to in one of several ways:

a. A transfer from your current pharmacy
b. Faxed from your doctor or from our telemedicine partner available here: Virtual Care
c. Take a picture of your prescription and email it to or upload to our web chat. Note your original prescription will be required before we release your medication at drop off.
What happens once receives my prescription? will reach out to you in order to get some basic information (i.e. insurance, payment method, preferred delivery time, etc.). Once your order has been confirmed, will deliver your medication.

What if I have a special request?

That’s what we are here for! Feel free to ask our pharmacist anything through our Live Chat Box. We offer medication syncing, medication counseling, delivery of temperature-controlled medications, appointment reminders and more. We also work with you to manage your medication using PillSmart™, our innovative adherence solution that makes remembering and taking your medication easy.

Do you offer Telemedicine from home?

Yes, we have partnered with Tia Health to accommodate all of your Virtual Care

Does my Telemedicine doctor replace my regular doctor?

No, you can continue visiting your regular doctor, utilizing our Telemedicine doctors as an alternative service to meet your needs when your regular doctor is not able to assist.

Do you deliver the medication prescribed by my Telemedicine doctor?

Yes! We are a one-stop shop providing a full-service approach to our patients.

Is an Online Pharmacy?

No, is a pharmacy service coordinator that connects you to the best pharmacy in your area. We work with a large network of pharmacies and doctors across Canada to ensure you get the service that is right for your health needs.

What is PillSmart™?

It’s an innovative solution that makes managing your medications easy. We sort all your medications and vitamins in easy to use pouches sorted by date and time so you always know what to take and when to do so. You will receive your PillSmart™ every month, per your refills, to ensure you never miss a dose.

What about my puffer and other pharmacy products? supplies all of your pharmacy products e.g. diabetes test strips, puffers and any medication that you receive today from your current pharmacy. If it’s a recurring medication, will send it to you on a monthly basis per your refills.


How much does the service cost? offers free next day delivery for any medication and for OTC orders above $40 if no medication is needed. In some cities, we also offer same-day rush delivery service.

Medication costs are similar to your current pharmacy. Before dispensing your medication, will do a price investigation to reduce yours out of pocket medication costs.

As always, our pharmacists are easily accessible, online, or via telephone, ensuring a full-service approach to you.

Do you accept all types of medical insurance?

Yes, partner pharmacies accept all major health plans just like your current pharmacy. You can easily provide us with your insurance info via phone or online and we will contact them directly to transfer your information and complete insurance claims.


Does ship to the United States?

No, we do not ship medications to the United States. Mednow is available today in Ontario with the rest of Canada coming soon.

Do you deliver non-prescription items?

Yes, we provide common OTC items such as pain relievers and allergy medicine. Minimum order of $40.